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Gene Massey


As the CEO of MediaShares and a regular speaker at Wall Street and Fintech conferences, I advise companies on the new and innovative methods for raising capital online. As a consultant to issuers seeking funding, I apply MediaShares’ unique marketing methodology, systems, and software to help them get funding for their public offerings online, using Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+. In addition to advising companies on how to maximize their fundraising on Crowdfunding platforms, I can also supervise the creation of their story on their own website landing page. I also introduce clients directly to investors, and to FINRA brokers that can bring investors to their offering.

If a company already has a marketing firm, MediaShares can oversee their campaign and create the marketing content and craft their story for investors. We also have an email list of 200,000 potential investors, both accredited and non-accredited. For public companies needing additional funding, MediaShares also has access to accredited private investors for registered follow-on offerings.

In the past I have occasionally worked as a Corporate Secretary and Board Member for companies, and in that capacity I would often help with their corporate governance and oversee their filings and Board actions. This can often be a weak spot for many early stage companies.

For many years I was a Director of TV commercials for numerous major advertisers. I directed many celebrities and I’m still a member of the Director’s Guild of America. Directing TV commercials taught me a lot about telling a story in 30 seconds, and this experience also helps me now in crafting an issuer’s story for raising capital, and in creating great videos for their marketing campaign.

One of my biggest clients as a director was Ely Callaway, Chairman of Callaway Golf. I directed and co-wrote over four hundred television commercials that introduced and promoted the “Big Bertha” line of golf clubs. During the years that I worked with Callaway, their total sales increased from $21 million to $843 million. Here is Ely Callaway talking about working with me:

Many of my commercials won awards. Among them were multiple awards from Telly, Clio, NY International Festival, LA Art Directors, WorldFest, and the Homburg.