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Is writing a book the worst investment you could imagine?

One might think so. Consider these few numbers:

  • I spent 1,200 hours writing “Feedback, the power of conversations” (DUNOD)
  • a book is worth between 20 and 30€ incl. tax, a published author earns between 8 and 9% of the price excluding tax
  • the publishers consider that a management book that reaches 1,500 copies is a great success

The gain to be expected with its copyright is therefore around €2,000 to €3,000.

Even if you exceed 10,000 copies – which makes you one of the great authors of the year – you will win just a little more than 15,000€.

In my case, that would make an hourly income between 2 and 15€. Even in my student job I earned more 😁

So why write a book if it's not for the money?

In my case, here are the 3 main reasons:

  • I wanted to share the fruits of 20 years of work with those who could help
  • I wanted to leave this legacy to my children
  • I wanted to continue to develop my business as a speaker

My book came out a month ago, we have already sold over 1,000 copies.

And above all, we received on average 1 conference or masterclass request per day!

And self-publishing will you tell me? In the short term, if you have a good network or a good sales channel, it may be a better investment.

But do not forget that an editor will bring you three great benefits:

And above all, know that in self-publishing, it will be almost impossible for you to have a passage in the national media, essential to gain visibility.

So, after a month, is writing a book and having it published a good investment?

You will surely have understood my position…