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Exodus Film & TV Slates Securitization Agreement Signed



Los Angeles, California, December 11th, 2023 – Intellectual Property Securities Corporation (IPSE), the world leading intellectual property-securitizer financial services firm announces that the Strategic Alliance with Kevin D Kinsey, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Exodus Entertainment Bancorp Inc., produced a mind-blowing deal: the Securitization of the Exodus Film Slate, composed of 25 full-length feature movies.

IPSE is thrilled to announce that this deal will generate more than USD 100 million revenue for IPSE and a financing of USD 1 Billion for Exodus Entertainment Bancorp.

The partnership between IPSE and Exodus Entertainment Bancorp represents a significant milestone in the world of intellectual property financing. This groundbreaking move to securitize a film slate is a testament to the innovative spirit and forward-thinking approach of both companies.

The deal involves a unique structuring of film assets, enabling Exodus Entertainment Bancorp to leverage its impressive catalogue of films for substantial financial gain. This approach not only provides a massive influx of resources for Exodus to continue its creative and production endeavors but also marks a revolutionary step in film financing.

IPSE’s role in this alliance is pivotal. By applying its expertise in securitization and financial structuring, IPSE has managed to create a robust financial model that benefits all stakeholders involved. This model is expected to set a new standard in the entertainment industry, potentially changing how film projects are financed in the future.

The 25 films included in the securitization deal span various genres and have attracted significant attention in the entertainment industry. They are expected to perform exceptionally well in both domestic and international markets, further solidifying the financial stability and success of this venture.

IPSE’s CEO, commenting on the deal, stated, “This is not just a financial achievement; it’s a creative and strategic endeavor that reshapes the landscape of entertainment financing. “

“This is not just a financial achievement; it’s a creative and strategic endeavor that reshapes the landscape of entertainment financing.” Marc Deschenaux, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Intellectual Property Securities Corporation commenting on the deal, stated. “We are proud to be at the forefront of this innovative approach, and we look forward to seeing the remarkable success of the Exodus film slate.”

This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in the intersection of finance and entertainment, where creativity is backed by strategic financial support, paving the way for more ambitious and diverse cinematic projects in the future.

“I have a new partner with a new venture for a very productive new year” said  Kevin Kinsey

For more information, please contact:

Intellectual Property Securities Corporation
30 Wall Street, Suite 830
New York, NY, 10005
United States of America
+ 1 561 827-1180
Marc Deschenaux

Exodus Entertainment Bancorp
2300 Canoga Avenue, 13th Floor
Los Angeles, CA, 91367
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Kevin D Kinsey