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Mr. Michael Kos:

To those present here in the conference hall of the World Intellectual Property Organization Geneva and to those that are joining us remotely.

At our IP finance dialog the 2nd in the series were WIPO bringing together stakeholders from the world of policy making the financial sector.

Business and IP to explore alternative strategies and novel approaches to unlock intangible assets and IP finance.

This year’s theme is expanding horizons on IP fines and valuation.

Today’s program features the presentation of WIPO’s action plan and opted on our work from the last year as well as an outlook on our concrete next sets.

We also have a range of panel discussions where we will explore best practices in IP finance as well as opportunities presented by technological advances.

To round off our program we will spotlight perspectives from the financial community and IP finance in the start-up and scale up space as well as in the creative sector.

We will now hear a prerecorded keynote opening of this event by Mister Darrentine Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization.