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HFA Agency

HFA Agency is a leading provider of rights management, licensing and royalty services for the Unites States music industry. HFA handles royalty payments for over 100.000 catalogs and issues the largest amount of licenses for music use in both: digital distribution and physical formats in the United States. 


HFA is working with digital music distributors as well as with start-ups, streaming platforms and record labels. Team of HFA manages all of the clients’ licensing needs in order to let them stay focused on their business. Over the past decade the company has established itself as an innovative leader in licensing and management of rights. It connects music users to Rightholders to get royalties to music creators. 


In 2017 HFA launched Mint Digital Services, the first transatlantic collaboration between companies that represent musical works in behalf of authors, a joint venture between SESAC and Swiss Collection Society, SUISA. Mint Digital Services is the only company that covers both: United States and European copyright laws. 




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